I have to confess, that in the absence of the lovable, rakish cad Daniel Cleaver, I had strong reservations about this latest film. I needn't have worried! Although for me Hugh Grant adds an almost 'Adonis' like quality to any film he stars in...ahem, the viewer was not left wanting. Of course we have the... Continue Reading →



If in some future place or time, I find myself shipwrecked and marooned on a desert island, I would survive quite happily with one proviso - the island has a White Company store.The White Company has to be without doubt my most favourite retailer on the planet. To digress for a moment, although white is... Continue Reading →


You know sometimes when you just want to escape for a while to a beautiful sun drenched island in the middle of nowhere? well this weekend was one of those times! I decided to create a little Greek idyll right here. My task was greatly helped by the most amazing weather. Much easier to create... Continue Reading →


First of all I think I need to explain that this title is a little misleading. The following delicious dishes are not my typical go to meals. Most days I try to eat very healthily, avoiding bread and watching my fat and sugar comsumption. There are times however when you have to balance this with a... Continue Reading →


Whilst I am not particulary political, here are 10 reasons why I think we should stay firmly in Europe. DO WE REALLY WANT TO SAY GOODBYE TO ALL THIS? x


Reflecting back I think the theme of last weekend was definately FOOD - I have to say that is my favourite sort of weekend! After a long week, I got home on Friday evening to a stunning Tapas meal prepared by my gorgeous husband.   Then on Sunday afternoon my daughter treated us to a very indulgent... Continue Reading →

ROOM TOURS (part 1)

Hi guys, I have been meaning to blog a few  room tours for some time but I just haven't got around to it. I am totally obsessed with beautiful white clean spaces and I take a lot of my inspiration from stores and blogs such as The White Company. White is sometimes viewed as a cold,... Continue Reading →

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